I created this site with two simple goals.

1) To share knowledge, advice, experience and resources for Urban and Wilderness survival.

2) To help individuals, families and groups create, update or modify their plans for dealing with an emergency.

So please feel free to share your knowledge or ask any questions you may have.  

Thank you and welcome.

About Me

Neal grew up on a farm in the Midwest. As a boy he hunted, fished and had a fascination with plants and herbs. If he wasn’t taking care of the livestock or tending his grandparent’s two acre garden he was wandering the fields and woods.  From a very young age Neal and his childhood friends would set out on survival trips. They would go out for days with nothing more than a pocket knife, always challenging themselves with more difficult scenarios.  It was those trips and challenges that would set Neal on a course for what has become his life’s passion, wilderness survival and self-reliance.

 In the early 90’s Neal and his Wife followed a calling and moved to Arizona. Exploring the desert and the rugged mountains of the Southwest they quickly discovered a whole new world of challenges.  Neal became an avid rock climber, which would lead him to a 10 year career with the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association (C.A.M.R.A) and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Mountain Rescue Team. 

In his 10 years with Mountain Rescue Neal conducted countless Search and Rescue and recovery missions. Achieving Specialist level certifications in Swift water rescue, Cave and Mine rescue, technical rescue, alpine rescue, wilderness search and rescue, wilderness survival and helicopter search and rescue operations.

As a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT) Neal and other advanced rescuers of his team were part of an elite Helicopter Rescue unit. Unlike any other volunteer Mountain Rescue team in the world, this unit staffed the Sheriff’s office helicopters and their team’s helicopter as Flight Techs and Crew Chiefs. Supporting the 4th largest county in America, this unit enabled advanced rescue assets to be on scene in a matter of minutes.

While in Mountain Rescue Neal received, conducted and utilized a multitude of wilderness survival skills. One of Neal’s mentors was his Father. His Father was a USAF PJ (Pararescuer) during the Vietnam era. His Father taught him invaluable skills and more importantly the attitude and courage that it takes to survive difficult situations. Another of Neal’s mentors was Peter Bigfoot. Peter is a living legend in the Southwest survival world. Peter is the founder of the Reevis School of Self-Reliance, hidden deep in the Superstition Wilderness this school is a must for anyone pursuing adventures in the desert Southwest.

Neal is the CEO of International Risk Mitigation; his firm specializes in Executive Protection, Estate Security, Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance and Emergency Preparedness. They provide world class Protection, Preparation and Education for a wide range of clients.